Masonjoany Powder

Masonjoany Powder

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The Masonjoany (pronounced Massounjouany) or sandalwood of Madagascar is a common endemic shrub that grows on the west coast of the island. Its scientific name is Enterospermum madagascariensis, also known as its botanical synonyms Santalina madagascariensis or Coptosperma madagascariensis.

The powder from the sapwood of this tree is widely used as a beauty mask by women on the coast of Madagascar. Traditionally women grate a piece of Masonjoany on a coral stone with a little bit of water. The paste obtained is applied to the face. This facial beauty mask is kept all day and crumbles gradually.

Other botanical ingredients are locally used for these facial masks (cf related products) typical of Madagascar and the Mascareignes.

The Masonjoany is also used as face painting, notably during the traditional ceremonies but also during the elections of Miss Madagascar.

The facial mask of Masonjoany protects from UV rays of the sun but is especially renowned for its properties:
• Soothing, disinfecting, relaxing and antiseptic
• Deep cleansers
• Elimination of toxins
• Anti-Tasks
• Lightening
• Soften the skin

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