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Marula Oil

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The Marula tree is native to Madagascar and to Southern Africa. Called locally Sakoa, widespread in the occidental part of the island, the tree is a medium to large (10-20m high), deciduous, with a wide crown. The edible fruits, which are plum-sized, are covered with a soft pale green-yellow exocarp, which enclosed a juicy white flesh described as having an exotic flavor and high nutritive value. An outstanding feature of the composition of the fruit is its high vitamin C content, which is believed to be four times the amount in an average orange. The stone within the Sakoa fruit contains 2 or 3 kernels, which are so full of oil that a squeeze with the hand can release a rich yield.

Strangely, in Madagascar the population in most regions where the Sakoa occurs uses neither the fruit nor the kernel. Only the Antandroy – literally “people of the thorns” – a semi-nomadic ethnic group inhabiting the arid southern part of the island called Androy use the fruit and the kernel especially during the lean period. Regularly hit by droughts and famines all natural resources are very important for their survival.

We source our Sakoa kernel from the remote Androy region through a very unique sustainable and traceable value chain. During 4 months women’s group collect the Sakoa nuts in a sustainable way to ensure the protection of the wild Sakoa trees and transport It’s a labor-intensive process all performed by hand.

Local communities ethically collect the stones and extract manually the almonds. Renala produces Marula virgin vegetable oil by cold pressing the almonds, followed by a fine filtration.

Marula oil contains a large proportion of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants. It can be classified as a high-oleic acid (70-78%) with relatively low tocopherol content. The exceptional stability has therefore been suggested to be due to its fatty acid composition. Marula oil contains a similar fatty acid composition to olive oil however it is 10 times more stable to oxidation.

Marula oil has been shown to have free radical scavenging properties higher than most oils oil on the market. The free radical scavenging properties can be attributed to the unsaponifiable fraction which varies from 3800-4300mg/kg.
Easily absorbed, high proportions of oleic acid, as well as the essential linoleic fatty acid (4-7%) combine to make the oil ideal for topical application. Marula oil has also shown to improve skin hydration, skin smoothness and reduce redness (Gruenwald, 2006).

Because of its rich moisturizing properties owing to its high omega-9 oleic acid and the omega-6 linoleic percentages Marula oil is perfectly suited for personal care applications.

Product Name: MARULA OIL
Botanical name: Sclerocarya birrea
Botanism: exotic
Description: Virgin vegetable butter obtained by cold-pressing process and filtration from Sclerocarya birrea seeds collected in the wild.

INCI EU: Sclerocarya birrea Seed Oil
CAS Number EU: 68956-68-3
EINECS Number: 273-313-5

Fatty Acid Profile (%)
C16:0 Palmitic (%): 9,72 – 10,42
C18:0 Stearic (%): 6,75 – 8,33
C18:1w9 Oleic (%): 71,27 – 74,5
C18:2w6 Linoleic (%): 7,52 – 8,3

MOQ : 25 kg

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