Organic Bakoly Oil (Kukui)

Bakoly Oil (Kukui)

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The Bancoulier in french, Bakoly in malagasy, is a tree native to different areas of Southeast Asia, now naturalized throughout the tropical area.

With rapid growth, up to 30 m high, one notices the silver-white luster of its large palmate and fluffy leaves.

Inside the spherical fruits each two hard seed coat (4 cm) contains a very oily almond sometimes used as a candle, hence its English nickname “candle nut.”

Local communities ethically collect the seeds in the wild.

Renala produces the Bakoly virgin vegetable oil by cold pressing the seeds, followed by a fine filtration.

The Bakoly oil is clear, pale yellow, with a low viscosity and a neutral odor.

It’s a dry oil incredibly insightful. This very dry touch, that does not leave a greasy film on the skin, coupled with its composition of essential fatty acids (omega-6) and vitamin A, E and F provide rejuvenating qualities, uncommon restorative and revitalizing properties for the metabolism of a healthy skin.

It is reputed to calm eczema events because of its high levels of omega-3 and anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

By penetrating the heart of the hair oil is Bakoly oil excellent for haircare. It is a natural conditioner that detangles, nourishes and makes the hair soft and shiny as silk.

Product Name: BAKOLY OIL (Kukui Oil)
Botanical name: Aleurites moluccana
Botanism: exotic
Description: Virgin vegetable oil obtained by cold-pressing process and filtration from Aleurites moluccana seeds collected in the wild.
INCI EU: Aleurites moluccana Seed Oil
CAS Number EU: 8015-80-3
EINECS Number: 273-313-5

Fatty Acid Profile (%)
C16: 0 Palmitic (%) 5.70 to 6.32
C18: 0 Stearic (%) 2.77 to 4.10
C18: 1W9 Oleic (%) 25.35 to 28.00
C18: 2W6 Linoleic (%) 38.21 to 42.01
C18: 3 α-Linolenic (%) 23.75 to 26.26

MOQ : 25 kg

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