Organic Kotro Oil (Ximenia)

Kotro Oil (Ximenia)

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The Kotro, a shrub growing up to 5 m high, is endemic to the Xerophytes bush, nicknamed “the thorny forest,” in the deep south of Madagascar. It has small greenish fragrant leaves and small orange oval fruits, which are soft but very acid.

Other species of Ximenia, close cousins, exist in Africa. The core brittle contains one very oily seed. During the frequent dearth periods the local people consume those seeds like peanuts.

Local communities ethically collect the seeds in the wild. Renala produces Kotro virgin vegetable oil by cold pressing almonds followed by a fine filtration.

Kotro vegetable oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated and vitamin E. hydra-protective, it softens and revitalizes dry and tired skin.

This oil is highly regarded for its anti-aging effect and gives the skin a softness, leaving behind a pleasant silky feeling.

Tests have shown that the presence of ximenynic acid promotes the regulatory activity of the sebaceous glands which preserves the premature aging of the skin.

Very nourishing, Kotro Oil (Ximenia) is recommended for sensitive skin and can be used in many skin care and haircare as well as in baby products and eyecare.

Product Name:
Botanical name: Ximenia Perrieri
Botanism: endemic
Description: Virgin vegetable oil obtained by cold-pressing process and filtration from baobab Ximenia Perrieri kernel collected in the wild.
CAS Number EU: N/A
EINECS Number: N/A

Fatty Acid Profile (%)
C16:0 Palmitic (%)
C16:1w9 Palmitoleic (%)
C18:0 Stearic (%)
C18:1w9 Oleic (%)
C18:2w6 Linoleic (%)
C18:3w3 α-Linolénique (%)
C19:0 Nonadecanoic (%)

MOQ : 25 kg

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