Rarabe Butter

Rarabe Butter

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Rarabe is a 15-30 m tall tree endemic to Madagascar, with evergreen foliage. It grows in number in the moist forests of the preserved forest corridor in eastern Madagascar, a remnant of the primary forests that disappear so rapidly.

Nicknamed « the nutmeg of Madagascar » by Perrier de la Bathîe because of the parfume of its seed.

By economically enhancing this under-utilized tree, we are helping to safeguard this heritage of global biodiversity.

Local communities ethically collect the seeds.

Renala produces Rarabe Butter by cold pressing the seeds, followed by a fine filtration.

Locally Rarabe butter is produced artisanally then stored in bamboo tubes. It is used for witchcraft and religious ceremonies and as healing.

But above all the Rarabe butter is traditionally used as a cosmetic product for skin and hair both for its moisturizing and detangling qualities and its inimitable fragrance remaining nutmeg.

Its richness in unsaturated fatty acids gives it emollient soothing properties. It is particularly recommended for dry to very dry skin and hair.

Gadoleic is an unsaturated fatty acid close to human sebum; it has a high penetration capacity in the skin and hydrates it without greasing.

Rarabe butter contents 70 % of Myristic acid used in cosmetic for its cleansing, smoothing and protective powers.

Botanical name: Bronchoneura rarabe
Botanism: endemic
Description: Virgin vegetable butter obtained by cold-pressing process and filtration from Bronchoneura rarabe seeds collected in the wild.
CAS Number EU: N/A
EINECS Number: N/A

Fatty Acid Profile (%)
C14: 0 Myristic (%) 64,0 to 82,4
C16: 0 Palmitic (%) 5.70 to 7,88
C18: 1W9 Oleic (%) 12,7 to 18,2
C20: 1W9 Gadoleic (%) 0,5 to 3,53

MOQ : 25 kg

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